Vacuuming is not enough

May 16, 2018

It doesn't take very much of the season's sunlight to show up the spots and stains which have splattered your carpets over the last few months. It looks dirty, you have to grudgingly admit it. Maybe you think it even deserves some top-priority attention as your spring-cleaning gets under way.


Little do most of us realise, though, that what we are seeing is quite literally only a fraction of the dirt that the carpet actually contains.  According to the National Carpet Cleaners Association, the visible dirt and grime that we notice is, in fact, only the tip of the iceberg; something like 85% of the dirt a carpet holds is buried deep within the pile. Normal vacuuming does not remove all of these deposits therefore there is a gradual build up. When you consider that a carpet can eventually trap its own weight or more in soil - as much as 150 lbs. for an average-sized living room - you'll readily agree its no trivial matter


Worse still, it's this hidden dirt, say the experts, which is the 'killer' - the gritty soil that wears away the fibres and reduces the carpet's life dramatically.


Tests have shown that regular cleaning can prolong the carpet life quite considerably - by as much as three or four times, it is claimed.


That in itself, should be persuasive enough when you consider that replacement costs these days can make a substantial dent in even the most generous of household budgets. But there's more. As well as dirt, more evidence is continually being discovered that an untouched carpet may harbour harmful mites and bacteria - dangerous enough to children and certainly enough to cause allergic reactions in many people. 


Vacuuming Is Not Enough


Don't make the error of thinking, though, that a better than usual going-over with the vacuum cleaner will do the trick. Most domestic vacuums and shampooers - even the more powerful ones - simply haven't got what it takes to get rid of that deep-down dirt or those nasty germs.


This is one of those jobs for the professionals, with our battery of highly sophisticated equipment, plus the training and experience to know how, when and where to use them.


We can make an assessment of your particular carpet, taking into consideration many factors, among them are the type of carpet, its construction, age and condition and the degree of soiling, and decide the most appropriate course of treatment; We'll know too, just how best to tackle the surprisingly varied selection of spots and stains we come across.


To make sure that your carpets are in good safe hands employ a professional cleaning company… Be wary of half price offers that are pushed through the letterbox, many of these are the hallmark of the ‘bait and switch’ operation. They offer a low price but once in the home the price rises significantly through all the ‘added’ extras. Often they may have no insurance cover in the event that things go wrong.

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